Peat Extraction Finland

Rewilding projects funded by EU to renew lost wetlands in an artificial state.
Finland is known as the land of thousands of lakes.
Original state peat mire from above.
Man made wetland, reintroduced on private property with help of Snowchange cooperative.
A former Peat bog that has been renaturized since 30 years still shows clear signs of the extraction practices.
Wood pellets and peat are the common two substances used in the heat plants over Finland to produce power.
VAPO is one of the big Finnish companies that are using peat in their heat plants all over the country.
Weather extremes are troubling people worldwide and are due to happen more and more frequently as one of the causes of climate change.
Snowchange has worked since 30 years on a rewilding project of a peat bog. Just now after 30 years are ph levels in the water starting to stabilize again. Any little change can cause the system to get into an alarm state again.
Once a peat mire is opened to be exploited industrially the dangers to the environment are huge and long lasting. Of course there is always unexpected additional dangers as special soils revealing during the process such as the iron-soil in this image.
Peat extraction site from an aerial view.
Ditches are made in the forests to set forest peat mires dry for wood harvesting
A peat bog with the drainage ditch, draining the water out of the peat extraction area and into lakes, rivers and ultimately the Baltic Sea.
Oily surfaces, bad water quality and fish dying in lakes of direct vicinity to Finnish cities is nothing rare. Mostly this is caused by peat extractions close by, that funnel the drainage waters directly into these lakes.
Heavy machinery is used in the forest industry that usually harms thew top soil of forests that were originally wetland areas.
The activist Mikko Neuvo is doing a field research by visiting different peat sites in East Finland
A dried out drainage ditch
Wild geese are flying over a peat bog