Limited Edition Print for Charity – “When the reindeer thrive, we thrive”



280,00 EUR
Edition of 15

Inkjet print on Hahnemühle Natural Line Hemp 290 gsm
20 x 30 cm / 7.87 x 11.81 in
Signed, numbered & titled on reverse
Certificate of authenticity
Sleeved and in archival box 
Shipped worldwide

30% of the proceeds will go to an NGO to support the continuation of the fight against clearcutting of old growth boreal forests in Sapmi.

Since November 2020, a dispute has flared up in Sweden between the Sami community of Luokta Mavas and the largest, state-owned forest owner, Sveaskog. 29 Sami communities have launched a campaign with the singer and activist, Sofia Jannok, to stop the clear-cutting of reindeer winter pastures.
Initial successes have been achieved and the planned clear-cutting of approximately 700 hectares of boreal old-growth forest has been stopped. Unfortunately Sveaskog will move to the next forest to continue this climate-damaging practice, as has been done since 60 years. Already 72% of the lichen-rich forests have been lost in Sweden.

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Größe 30 × 20 cm