Maren Krings is a German freelance photojournalist and climate impact storyteller whose work seeks solutions to socio-ecological impacts to help mitigate the current climate crisis. Maren has a B.F.A. in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design (USA), and her work has been published in international media outlets such as Stern, WWF and The Outdoor Journal among others, as well as displayed internationally at the Rencontres d’Arles, PHmuseum & Fonderia 20.9, Bauhaus University Weimar, the BOKU University Vienna, the Ondokuz Mayıs University in Samsun, and others.

She is the author of four books. The latest, `H is for Hemp´, is the first one to reach international recognition and impact. In this book she reflects on her seven-year journey into the worldwide rediscovery of industrial hemp in 32 countries and four continents. Krings photographed more than 200 projects and interviewed more than 80 industry-experts to show the plant’s potential to mitigate the socio-ecological crisis. The encyclopedia-style book is printed on tree-free hemp paper, exclusively produced by German paper manufacturer Hahnemühle.

In 2006 Maren founded the Center for Arts and Humanity, influenced by her experiences living and working with Indigenous Peoples in Latin America and Northern Europe. The center fosters a modern crossroad between socially engaged art and activism, Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge and our modern challenges brought about by the climate crisis.

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Maren Krings Photography
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