Hemp Travel Exhibition

H is for Hemp – A Green Art Extravaganza

Inaugural Travel Exhibition at FONDERIA 20.9 in Verona, Italy II 9th of March – 5th of April 2024

“H is for HEMP, A Green Art Extravaganza” is the first chapter of the hemp traveling exhibition that aims to minimize and document the environmental impact associated with the production of an art showcase. 

Maren Krings and her work were the prize recipient of PhMuseum 2023 Photography Grant. The exhibition has been curated and produced in collaboration with Fonderia 20.9 gallery in Verona. The Vernissage took place on the 9th of March and if you missed it, please come and join us for the “burial ceremony” of the works on the 5th of April at 7pm in the gallery.

2nd stop of the Travel Exhibition will take place at the 18th International Society of Ethnobiology* Congress (ISE Congress 2024) in Marrakesh, Morocco II 18th – 22nd of May 2024

The exhibition will take place as an integrated open format session at the Conference, under the title:

Elevating Cannabis: A Paradigm Shift in Global Perspectives
This ScienArt Intervention is carried out in collaboration between Maren Krings, Jan Martin Padouk and professor Khalid Mouna. The session will include a presentation on medical cannabis, by scientist & researcher Jan Martin Padouk. Another one on Moroccos history and current politics on cannabis, by anthropologist & cannabis expert Khalid Mouna, lecturer at the Moulay Ismail University of Meknès. The sessions ends with an interactive storytelling session by Maren Krings on hemp’s potential in climate change mitigation. Participants will then be invited to co-create the phyto-colour hemp Anthotype artwork, including their own ideas and future visions on cannabis and the environment.

3rd stop of the Travel Exhibition will take place in Reyikjavik, Iceland. Date and further informations TBA!

On the left is what you should have seen. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfjGd9hMvYY

Rest assured the film is safe to watch, for children and even adults! This YouTube warning only displays our current global prohibitionist mindset and phobia and can therefore be seen as a sweet reality check why activists, scientists and many from civil society are spending their lives rallying to free this plant!

Opening at Fonderia 20.9 in Images

Maren Krings Photography
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