WWF Weltwald Magazin published Maren’s environmental reportage about the fight of the Sami Indigenous Peoples of Sweden and Norway to protect their Ancestral Lands and with that fighting the climate crisis.


2020-02-21 The Outdoor Magazin is featuring my article “Nomad for a certain time” in the March issue of the print magazine. The reportage recalls a hiking trip with the Indigenous Sami people of Sweden last year during the ATTA world summit.

No Footprint on Indigenous land

Since millennia the Sami indigenous people have lived in the northern plaines of Scandinavia and Russia, practicing reindeer husbandry and living a nomadic lifestyle. In the rise of the last century the arctic regions became important to the industries of mining and forestry, which caused a conflict of interest on the collective rights to lands,…

A Journey Without Footprints, to Sapmi and the Indigenous People of Scandinavia.

One of the stories that kept me busy last year is out and published now. The life of the Indigenous People of the North, the Sami had caught my interest already back in 2018 and since not left my mind. 2019 was the year where doors opened again and the magic world of the Sami…

Exploring the North

03-09-2018 As a rolling home nomad, life has been presenting me with a lot of great opportunities and adventures in the last two years. I consider my recent journey to Scandinavia, which I am on now, as one of those adventures. A great opportunity arose to work on an in-depth reportage about the Sami people…