Cooperation For Climate and Green Deal Symposium, TR


The invitation already came a year earlier, while still finishing the last chapters of the book H is for Hemp. Professor Aytaç from the Hemp Institute at Ondukuz Mayis University in Samsun connected the dots and knew that I had a whole chapter in the book framing how modern hemp industries could be used significantly for the advancement of the European Green Deal, really to advance any Green Deal worldwide.

Between end of 2021 until the 24th of October 2022, the kick off date of the Symposium of Climate and Green Deal much happened, that further proved how valuable hemp can be in these political agendas.

The symposium offered a wonderful opportunity to present the book and the insights gained from the 6 years of working in-depth on the topic, to a highly accredited scientific and academic community. The feedback was great and it was with relief to discover that even the scientific community embraces the build bridge of visual communication, translating scientific data and facts into a language understood by everyone else as well.

The three days of the conference were a great place to get in touch and exchange knowledge and insights with many international as well as national speakers, scientists, professors but also with a great amount of students, eager to learn and exchange their visions of a greener future.

Maren Krings Photography
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