Peter Relic from SCAD Alumni Magazin (Savannah College of Art and Design, USA) just wrote a feature about Maren’s hemp journey and the driving motivation behind it.


WWF Weltwald Magazin published Maren’s environmental reportage about the fight of the Sami Indigenous Peoples of Sweden and Norway to protect their Ancestral Lands and with that fighting the climate crisis.


Public Speaking, Keynote Speaking, Multimedia Presentations


04-19-2021 Just two weeks to go until the 2nd edition of the Swedish Industrial Hemp Conference will take place. It was a great honour to me, to be invited as one of the keynote speakers for this conference by Clara Norell, the event manager and founder of the Swedish “Svens Hampaindustri”. Save the date on…

Why I #StandWithLuoktaMavas?

30% of the proceeds will go to Sofia Jannok’s organization Arvas Foundation for the continuation of the fight against clearcutting.

Part 3 – Finlands dirty secret

12-14-2020 This is the third and last part to my series of three in The Outdoor Journal on Finnish peat for energy. Much happened in the year it took to publish all three parts and it will remain interesting to see how Finland will tackle this ongoing problem to become fossil free in near future….

Artist for Air with Tomorrows Air

11-20-20 I am incredibly happy to share my cooperation on sharing my art to help build awareness and support for carbon removal with permanent storage through the Tomorrow’s Air Artists For Air program. Are you eager to learn how you can remove carbon and permanently store it through Tomorrow’s Air? Please visit to join…

Newsletter November is out

11-10-20 This is the first newsletter in a year and full of links and resources, which have helped me advance the work on the hemp book, but also some outcomes and announcements. If this did not come to your inbox but you would like to get the next one directly, please sign up for it…

SUSTON magazine publication on Finnish peat

09-17-2020 A year ago I left to Finland to produce an investigativephotojournalistic story about peat. I have to admit my knowledge about the topic was tiny. That changed and within ten days of researching, documenting and interviewing people. I left the nation in shock and deep concern over the environmental situation of a nation that…

Latest Development on the Hemp Project

07-03-2020 For those who know – as well as for those who don’t – this is an update towards the project I have been working on for four years. Four years ago my journey started accelerated by one little plant: HEMP. What has happened since? When will the book be ready? What will it be…

How to become a supporter and part of the HEMP book?

06-16-2020 – Today I am presenting my HEMP book project at the 17th EIHA Hemp Conference by the nova Institut – the biggest gathering worldwide for the industrial hemp industry. If you are curious on how to become a supporter of the book, please download this PDF FILE for further details and information. To sign…

Alpine Hemp by SALEWA

06-05-2020 – Three years, since I started documenting the process within one of Europes leading sports apparel companies to produce a climbing pant made from hemp textiles. Check out the trailer to introduce the new product, which I was able to contribute with some of my worldwide hemp footage. ALPINE HEMP SALEWA

Grow your own hemp house

05-14-2020 The seventh edition of the HANF MAGAZIN just released and my reportage on the Latvian builder of a hemp house and inventor of the micro decorticator “Hurdmaster” is portrayed in it. Check out the online version for the German text and the print version for the English text.

Wanderreiten auf den Spuren von Dschinghis Khan

28-04-2020 Wanderreiter Magazin published an interview with Stonehorse Expeditions, whom I joined last year in Mongolia for a 10-day horse trekking in Gorki-Tereldsh Nationalpark. Great insight into environmental topics and sustainable tourism.

Finland’s Dirty Secret

04-21-2020 Together with The Outdoor Journal I am presenting a series on Finland’s Dirty Secret: Extracting Peat for Energy. A story about dirty environmental practice in a country that claims that it is going to be the world’s first fossil free country. Read the first article to get acquainted with the topic of peat and…


2020-02-21 The Outdoor Magazin is featuring my article “Nomad for a certain time” in the March issue of the print magazine. The reportage recalls a hiking trip with the Indigenous Sami people of Sweden last year during the ATTA world summit.

Stern Reportage

10-02-2020 This weeks STERN Magazin reports about the investigative photojournalistic reportage I had been working on last year in Finland. The print publication appears in German language only.

No Footprint on Indigenous land

Since millennia the Sami indigenous people have lived in the northern plaines of Scandinavia and Russia, practicing reindeer husbandry and living a nomadic lifestyle. In the rise of the last century the arctic regions became important to the industries of mining and forestry, which caused a conflict of interest on the collective rights to lands,…

A Journey Without Footprints, to Sapmi and the Indigenous People of Scandinavia.

One of the stories that kept me busy last year is out and published now. The life of the Indigenous People of the North, the Sami had caught my interest already back in 2018 and since not left my mind. 2019 was the year where doors opened again and the magic world of the Sami…

Photo- Challenge with f-stop starts today

18-11-2019 Hello fellow photographers and photo-enthusiasts! Now is your chance to participate, I am collaborating with f-stop on a photo challenge. As a Pro-Ambassador for f-stop I have tested and my gear throughout years now in all conditions and can just say: AWESOME, you’ll love it, it does the job and one thing less to…


Peat as an energy source has been used for ages in Finland,
causing massive environmental damage. A quick phase-out of fossile energy resources will lead into creation of new wildlife sanctuaries by rewilding former peat bogs.

New Book title for the mountain rescue

11-01-2019 One of my photographs from the series of Austrian Mountain Rescue made it yet onto another book cover. The Tyrolia publishing house just released the new book “Ehrensache Leben retten” from the author Walter Spitzenstätter.

Finlands Dirty Secret

Finland’s Dirty Secret: Extracting Peat for Energy Whilst peat for energy production is not in the global consciousness in the same way as its little brother coal, the extraction of peat, shares many of the same detrimental traits. It is an outdated, old-fashioned practice to win energy and adds with a total of twenty-three point…

Peat; The invisible kraken of modern Finland

02-09-2019 Press- release by Maren Krings Peat is on its best way of becoming the ugliest word of the year 2019 in Finland.  It involves environmental disaster, political power-games and the subsistence of roughly 2000 farmers.  More than the visible dangers of this kraken, are the invisible ones. Water pollution, caused by leaking nutrients (nitrogen…

Back to HEMP

06-26-2019 After a long silence in my news feed on the website, I am back to announce the next silence. I am back to travellers life. Not that I have really stopped the travellers lifestyle since three years, but by now it feels like a regular lifestyle to live, travel and work in and from…

3 Days left to support the Indiegogo campaign for the Hemp Book

11-21-2018 It’s been an exciting time the four weeks of crowdfunding, kind of feels like a year in itself. Please read the latest and last newsletter for more and check out my publication in The Outdoor Journal.   A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers,…

Wie läuft das Crowdfunding?

11-15-2018 zur Nachlese im Interview mit dem Hanf Magazin –––––– The magazin “Hanf Magazin” got in touch with me this week to ask about the running crowdfunding, here is the interview (in German)  

Gewinnspiel Hanf Magazin

11-11-2018 The Austrian based magazine “Hanf Magazin” is featuring Maren’s story on hemp in the current issue. To support her crowdfunding project, which is still running until the 24th of November on Indiegogo, they have started a lottery to raffle off the paper edition of the book, and one of each of the Perks available. Go…

The GOOD NEWS Newsletter

11-06-2018 Aren’t we thriving for the good news in a way? Of course the bad ones are catchier, but negativity isn’t something to dwell in, hence I have started the Hemp Newsletter, that is somehow becoming the GOOD NEWS. If you want to follow up on this weeks read, please check out the newsletter under…

Hemp is making us smile – keep the message spreading!

10-30-18 The list of supporters for my campaign on Indiegogo is growing and I am grateful for all the help and support! Click here to read the latest version of the newsletter about hemp!

Crowdfunding for HEMP book is on!

  10-23-2018 Yesterday was the official start for the crowdfunding campaign that Maren Krings has started to get support for her long-term project on the hemp plant. Over the years you have probably seen many of her posts on hemp, made from a total of sixteen different countries, she visited for the investigative research on…

Hemp – A carbon sink and its rediscovery as an agricultural crop

Discover hemp’s tremendous potential to transform societies and industries — with unmatched, sustainable solutions for food, medicine, building materials and textiles — fighting and mitigating climate change. Hemp has been the world’s most forbidden plant, due to containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive substance, mostly known as Marijuana. During 70 years of prohibition most knowledge about…

PRO Ambassador for F-Stop Gear

07-24-2018 I am happy to launch in a new period with F-Stop Gear. Every couple of years the ambassador program is revised and changes made if necessary. The changes for me are a bit of a new profile on the F-Stop website as well as some updates to my work focus! Check out the F-Stop…

The news on hemp

07-05-2018 As many people know, I have been getting more and more involved in the hemp topic over the past two years. Considering all the great things this plant can do for us as people as well as for the health of our planet, I see it a greater mission to work hard on the…

The Hemp Ambassador

06-09-2018 As time goes by, my running project on the hemp plant is advancing well. I am happy to say that the second publication on this matter is about to hit the readers. Thanks to Gabriel Arthur, editor in chief of Suston magazine, the first magazine to cover the topic of sustainability got interested in…