Keynote at Latvian Hemp Market “Kanepju Tirgus” (LV)


Just as the last snow had melted away and just days after returning from her 5 week long promotional book tour from the United States, Maren delivered her keynote at the Hemp Market “Kanepju Tirgus”, in Latvia.

Obelisk is one of the few hemp farms in eastern Latvia, growing hemp and making top quality hemp products on their own farm.

Rallying for better understanding and education about industrial hemp is the mission of Obelisk. The hemp market brought together international speakers from the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and Portugal and catered hundreds of visitors coming from all corners of Latvia.

Maren also hosted her first Pop-Up Exhibition of the H IS FOR HEMP Travelling Exhibition in the Obelisk Hemp museum.

Maren Krings Photography
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