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Adezi, Latvia 2019

After a long silence in my news feed on the website, I am back to announce the next silence. I am back to travellers life. Not that I have really stopped the travellers lifestyle since three years, but by now it feels like a regular lifestyle to live, travel and work in and from my car. Now I left my home parked in Europe and am embarking into a next adventure. The first stop has been in Latvia so far and I very much enjoyed the company of the hemp-family here! Spending time with the Eglitis family seeing the hempcrete house being build, a micro-decorticator invented and also checking in with TV-star Ivars Auzins and his company Transhemp has been fulfilling days. Not to miss my first nordic midsomar experience, which could have not been more special!

The next leg of the journey will take me via Russia to Mongolia and I will probably practice a bit of sabbatical silence on my media presence as internet is not a planned travel companion. If there happens to be some coverage, make sure to follow me on instagram and facebook, as these will be the most used media.

Wishing everybody a wonderful summer!

Maren Krings Photography
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