Agent of Change: HEMP

The photographer Maren Krings has been working since July 2016 on this longterm, investigative documentary about hemp: A plant to transform human basic need into more sustainable practice for our planet. 

In oder to document how the plant influences political systems, social behavior and environmental awareness worldwide, she has travelled 26 countries in the last three and a half years, collecting visual data on the multiple aspects of influence on daily life around the planet.

This simple and fast growing plant is used in many different industries for food, medicine, building materials, textiles and plastics.

The plants biggest potential is to contribute to the measures of the „Green Deal“ by providing cleaner industrial and agricultural practices, through phytoremediation, carbon sequestration and carbon sink. The absence of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides makes it a simple to grow and clean plant for the environment. 

This particular story edit shows the production of textile hemp fiber in differently seized industries, ranging from a small-scale Turkish hemp farm run by hand, on to high-tech processes in China. Many European companies are using hemp-textiles for its non-abrasive and long-lasting qualities. To source hemp fibre within Europe has been a long struggle for many companies, as the most technical and perfect fibre still comes from China at this point. Nonetheless many European hemp companies are investing in technology, hoping to soon supply cost-effective and high quality hemp fibers produced within Europe.

Maren Krings