IMS Photo Contest 2016: Voting is on!


The IMS Photo Contest has been going on for a while already, just decided to enter it. Would be happy to get some voting support for the two images from my latest travel to South Tyrol. To tell a bit of the story, as I was moving towards Tschengls in the Vinschgau, I took a biwak on lake Reschen and stumbled upon a fisher on the following lake. Here I crawled through the swamp to get him in front of the massive Ortler Mountain and glacier, which started glowing in the early morning sun.

picture ID number 1299

The second image derived from revisiting the old Shepard Alfons Gufler, who I met on an assignment  for Tirol Werbung on the Ötztal valley for the historic herding of step over the boarder from North Tyrol into South Tyrol. He has spend in total 37 summers on the alp in Northern Tyrol, looking after 1.200 sheep. It is a disaster for him, that he is not allowed up there anymore since two years. A disease, which broke out amongst South Tyrollean sheep apparently is the reason, though I wonder…? This man lived for the summers on the Alp, always saying that he did not wanted to continue living once he could not go there anymore.

picture ID number 1303

Maren Krings Photography
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