Wie läuft das Crowdfunding?

11-15-2018 zur Nachlese im Interview mit dem Hanf Magazin –––––– The magazin “Hanf Magazin” got in touch with me this week to ask about the running crowdfunding, here is the interview (in German)  

Hemp is making us smile – keep the message spreading!

10-30-18 The list of supporters for my campaign on Indiegogo is growing and I am grateful for all the help and support! Click here to read the latest version of the newsletter about hemp!

Crowdfunding for HEMP book is on!

  10-23-2018 Yesterday was the official start for the crowdfunding campaign that Maren Krings has started to get support for her long-term project on the hemp plant. Over the years you have probably seen many of her posts on hemp, made from a total of sixteen different countries, she visited for the investigative research on…

The news on hemp

07-05-2018 As many people know, I have been getting more and more involved in the hemp topic over the past two years. Considering all the great things this plant can do for us as people as well as for the health of our planet, I see it a greater mission to work hard on the…

The Hemp Ambassador

06-09-2018 As time goes by, my running project on the hemp plant is advancing well. I am happy to say that the second publication on this matter is about to hit the readers. Thanks to Gabriel Arthur, editor in chief of Suston magazine, the first magazine to cover the topic of sustainability got interested in…