The news on hemp


As many people know, I have been getting more and more involved in the hemp topic over the past two years. Considering all the great things this plant can do for us as people as well as for the health of our planet, I see it a greater mission to work hard on the fullfillment of my great goal. At the end of the line of all the years of research, travel, photo-shootings and interviews will be a photographic book in two languages AND printed on hemp paper… at least the limited edition! Coming up I have a several far trips to fill in the blanks in my hemp-research. I have been honoured this month with two wonderful covers on my project by the great Swedish magazine SUSTON, as well as the daily newspaper of my hometown in Thuringia. Next thing in line, which I will need all your support I can is the crowdfunding end of September. I will keep posting on the progress and hope to have the support of many of you on making this happen… !

Maren Krings Photography
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