SUSTON magazine publication on Finnish peat

09-17-2020 A year ago I left to Finland to produce an investigativephotojournalistic story about peat. I have to admit my knowledge about the topic was tiny. That changed and within ten days of researching, documenting and interviewing people. I left the nation in shock and deep concern over the environmental situation of a nation that…


Peat as an energy source has been used for ages in Finland,
causing massive environmental damage. A quick phase-out of fossile energy resources will lead into creation of new wildlife sanctuaries by rewilding former peat bogs.

Peat; The invisible kraken of modern Finland

02-09-2019 Press- release by Maren Krings Peat is on its best way of becoming the ugliest word of the year 2019 in Finland.  It involves environmental disaster, political power-games and the subsistence of roughly 2000 farmers.  More than the visible dangers of this kraken, are the invisible ones. Water pollution, caused by leaking nutrients (nitrogen…