Press Release September 2021

Krings’ photographs testify to the enormous diversity and vitality of the current international hemp industry. We hope that by sharing her work with our visitors, more and more people will recognize that industrial hemp can be an essential crop for realizing a truly sustainable future”, says museum director Ben Dronkers. 

exhibition in the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

September 2021 – The final touches to the exhibition in the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam are done

Since eleven months the museum has reopened its doors. Yet it took me until now to overcome the last barriers of the pandemic, which made it impossible to finish the planned audio installations. I had the honour to work with Björn Warning from Warning Studios in Amsterdam, who worked fast, professional and amazingly intuitive to help me build several sound installations to accompany the works on exhibition in the museum.

Here you can listen in on the sound installation to the entire bottom row of photographs. Enjoy and make sure to visit the museum, when you take a trip to Amsterdam, it is located in the heart of the “Green Light” District, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148!

First visitors on private tours in the museum

Can’t express how happy I was to experience a glimpse of life, while in Amsterdam. This was not an official opening yet, but the museum curator Gerbrand organised an influencer event one night and I was blessed to receive some of my friends and colleagues in the museum over lunch for a little private touring. Please stay tuned as we will release the exhibition opening soon!

Exhibition at the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam (2021-2023)

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum manages and exhibits a unique collection, on display in two locations: a canal house in central Amsterdam and a Modernista palace in Barcelona. 

The museum’s collection is composed of rare artefacts related to all aspects of cannabis history and culture, which its founder Ben Dronkers has been gathering from around the world.

Maren’s work on hemp is shown together with the Doughnut Economy Model by Kate Raworth, which brings hemp into perspective of easing the planetary overshoot we have produced through modern industries and societies.

As the world is slowly easing back up to travelling, you can now plan your visit to the museum here.

Maren Krings Photography
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