Stern Reportage

10-02-2020 This weeks STERN Magazin reports about the investigative photojournalistic reportage I had been working on last year in Finland. The print publication appears in German language only.


Peat as an energy source has been used for ages in Finland,
causing massive environmental damage. A quick phase-out of fossile energy resources will lead into creation of new wildlife sanctuaries by rewilding former peat bogs.

New Book title for the mountain rescue

11-01-2019 One of my photographs from the series of Austrian Mountain Rescue made it yet onto another book cover. The Tyrolia publishing house just released the new book “Ehrensache Leben retten” from the author Walter Spitzenstätter.

Back to HEMP

06-26-2019 After a long silence in my news feed on the website, I am back to announce the next silence. I am back to travellers life. Not that I have really stopped the travellers lifestyle since three years, but by now it feels like a regular lifestyle to live, travel and work in and from …

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Wie läuft das Crowdfunding?

11-15-2018 zur Nachlese im Interview mit dem Hanf Magazin –––––– The magazin “Hanf Magazin” got in touch with me this week to ask about the running crowdfunding, here is the interview (in German)  

Gewinnspiel Hanf Magazin

11-11-2018 The Austrian based magazine “Hanf Magazin” is featuring Maren’s story on hemp in the current issue. To support her crowdfunding project, which is still running until the 24th of November on Indiegogo, they have started a lottery to raffle off the paper edition of the book, and one of each of the Perks available. Go …

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The GOOD NEWS Newsletter

11-06-2018 Aren’t we thriving for the good news in a way? Of course the bad ones are catchier, but negativity isn’t something to dwell in, hence I have started the Hemp Newsletter, that is somehow becoming the GOOD NEWS. If you want to follow up on this weeks read, please check out the newsletter under …

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Crowdfunding for HEMP book is on!

  10-23-2018 Yesterday was the official start for the crowdfunding campaign that Maren Krings has started to get support for her long-term project on the hemp plant. Over the years you have probably seen many of her posts on hemp, made from a total of sixteen different countries, she visited for the investigative research on …

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The news on hemp

07-05-2018 As many people know, I have been getting more and more involved in the hemp topic over the past two years. Considering all the great things this plant can do for us as people as well as for the health of our planet, I see it a greater mission to work hard on the …

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The Hemp Ambassador

06-09-2018 As time goes by, my running project on the hemp plant is advancing well. I am happy to say that the second publication on this matter is about to hit the readers. Thanks to Gabriel Arthur, editor in chief of Suston magazine, the first magazine to cover the topic of sustainability got interested in …

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Online Journal publication on hemp

04-07-2018 My quest on hemp has been going for almost 2 years now and first results are being produced. At the moment I am in Zürich, Switzerland at the trade fare “Criterion” with four of the players of my hemp story: Werner Schönthaler (Hempstone), Alpenpioniere, Ecopassion and Glärnisch Textil. Really the well known company “Freitag” …

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Exploring the North

03-09-2018 As a rolling home nomad, life has been presenting me with a lot of great opportunities and adventures in the last two years. I consider my recent journey to Scandinavia, which I am on now, as one of those adventures. A great opportunity arose to work on an in-depth reportage about the Sami people …

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Meet me @ ISPO

01-27-2018 I will be at the “biggest fair of sport industry” from 28 until 31st of January. Meet me there to discuss running projects or find new ones!

Checked out! . . . for the great outdoors

10-17-2017 Yet another journey is leading me into the high north! If you are curious to know why you might not be reaching me between the 18th of October and the 3rd of November, then keep posted though my Instagram and Facebook, they will spill some secrets in the meantime!    

Ausstellung verlängert

09-01-2017 Im Rahmen des 41. Kirchtags (24. September 2017) im Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe in Kramsach, freue ich mich das die Ausstellung bis zum 09. Oktober verlängert wurde. Wer Interesse hat, die Fotoausstellung “Alpine Reflexionen” ist jeden Tag von 9.00-17.00 Uhr zu besichtigen! Due to the event of Kirchtag on the 24th of September, the photography exhibition “Alpine reflexions” …

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Handicap = NO HANDICAP

07-23-2017 Today I would like to share something with everyone here, that is very special to me! Please watch the film about Maxi Jäger. The 17 year old german Maxi had a prenatal stroke and faced a hemiplegia since. One of his biggest wished was to go a via ferrata, which the BR TV documented …

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Hanf – Samen für eine neue Welt

06-27-2017 Hemp seems to celebrate a certain renaissance at the moment. The ancient plant has finally been rediscovered for all the brilliant qualities it has! Without wanting to be in the middle of a hype I discovered hemp for myself a year ago in the beautiful South Tyrollean village of Tschengls… and this is where the adventure …

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05-09-2017 Looking back to a busy winter season which – regarding weather – still hasn’t come to an end. Here are some glimpses on the “Winter – Lifestyle” portfolio.

Online magazine “bergwelten” feature

05-02-2017 As the winter is showing us his claws for – hopefully – the last time, it fits well, that my story on Bernd Willinger and Norbert Span just got featured in Bergwelten-Online magazine:  

Official Tirol calendar 2018

03-01-2017 It’s official now, the Tirol calendar 2018 is off into printing now. Happy to have had the chance of doing the whole calendar with my impressions throughout the year! Seit heute ist es „gedruckte Sache“, der Tirol Kalender 2018 wird ein ganzes Jahr meiner Tirol Impressionen zeigen.  

February Servus – Magazine

02-24-2017 Have you checked out Februarys issue of Servus in Stadt und Land – magazine? I got my story on Joseph „Seppi“ Salvenmoser from Kitzbühel in it. Diesen Monat ist im Servus Magazin der Artikel über Joseph „Seppi“ Salvenmoser von Kitzbühel erschienen. Anbei eine kleine Vorschau!

Surreal experience: Faroe Islands

02-20.2017 I just returned from a stunning trip to the Faroe Islands, working on several photographic productions and fine tuning my knowledge on landscape photography in a great seminar with Hasselblad ambassador and outdoor photographer Lars Schneider. Frisch von der Insel retour, bin ich noch tief beeindruckt von den Impressionen der Färöer! Eine spannende Zeit …

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Merry x-mas and a wonderful 2017!

12-27-2016 2016 was a very special year! New paths, new friendships, new projects and many wonderful old contacts and friendships that were able to be renewed, marked this year! Thank you for your trust and the great cooperations as well as the many open doors I found during my travel through Europe and the US! May 2017 …

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Tanzen auf Schnee

05-10-2016 Anmutig sind sie, die Tänzer auf  Telemarkski, welche im Kniefall ihre Kurven nehmen und durch Eleganz und ein gewisses Quäntchen Ruhe die Hektik des alpinen Wintersportes durchbrechen. Und noch etwas: es werden immer mehr! Anfang des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts erfand der Norweger Sondre Norheim im Südnorwegischen Morgedal den Prototyp des heutigen Telemark-Skis. Die Bindung aus …

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Using summer to its fullest

09-27-2016 I have neglected my newsfeed on the website a bit for the better of my portfolio. It has been an incredibly interesting and busy summer so far. Traveling throughout the alpine regions of Europe, following stories, reportages and jobs has created a new body of work. The images will soon fill the different sections of my …

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RAAM 2016 is history!

06-26-2016 It’s been crazy 11 days, 17 hours and 30 minutes, not just for the german RAAM rider Julian Eisenbeis, but also for his entire crew, which I was part of in oder to photo document the are behind the scenes. It will probably take me a couple days to reflect on this really intense …

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2,5 years of Tuxertal in pages; It’s finally done!

05-20-2016 Zweieinhalb Jahre sind vergangen, seitdem ich an dem Projekt über die Region Tux-Finkenberg begonnen habe zu arbeiten. Die Herausforderung einen neuen Bildband über die Region zu erstellen war eine große und wirklich schöne! 144 Seiten erzählen nun von den ruhigen, wilden, lustigen, tief gehenden, spektakulären, meditativen und vor allem menschlichen Dingen welche “man”  in diesem Tiroler …

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Mamalila, flexibel wie ein Kangaroo

04-01-2016 Gemeinsam mit der Erfinderin der Mamalila Jacken, Vicki Marx, startete meine Woche. Im Tuxertal fanden wir die perfekte Location um die Outdoorjacken der Kollektion in Szene zu setzen. Ich kann zwar nicht aus eigener Erfahrung reden, aber das System hält was es verspricht, unsere Models schienen glücklich, während sie ihr kleines Baby durch die Berglandschaft …

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Der neue Almenkalender 2017

Gerade hat der Tyrolia Verlag den neuen Almenkalender für 2017 vorgestellt. Es war eine Überraschung, das gleich vier Bilder aus meinem Repertoire dabei sind. Es wird also ein wenig “Tüxeln” im kommenden Jahr, zumindest vom Cover bis in den Feber ;).

ISPO. enecco. OUTDOORS. & Exhibition is on starting Sunday!

01-21-2016 Seit einigen Jahren bereits erfreue ich mich einer besonders guten Kooperation mit enecco. OUTDOORS. Danke der unermüdlichen Bemühungen von Andrea Hitzemann, ist aus dieser Plattform mittlerweile eine innovative Firma geworden, welche Medienschaffende, Athleten, Models und Destinationen weltweit miteinander verbindet. Auch im Rahmen meiner Ausstellung auf der ISPO läuft die Kooperation mit enecco. OUTDOORS! Deswegen freuen …

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Under Pressure

01-18-2016 Nein; heute kein Queen Konzert… aber “under pressure” resümiert den Tag recht gut. Manche Bergtage gleichen eben nicht den anderen. Eines ist gewiss, wer die Berge zu seinem Arbeitsplatz macht, der läuft Gefahr sich nicht nach Bürozeiten zu richten, sondern nach den Launen der Natur. Heute war so ein Tag. Hohe Lawinenstufe hielt das Umfeld unseres Liftes gesperrt, …

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Backstage am Gletscher

01-08-2016 Eis, Fels und Schnee prägten unseren Tag am Hintertuxer Gletscher. Mit meinem Assistenten an der Seite ging die Arbeit gut voran! Es ist immer spannend für Doppelmayr zu arbeiten, zwischen Maschinenräumen, Stützen klettern und atemberaubenden Landschaften hat man ein wenig das Feeling in einem Actionfilm zu sein… wobei die Action all die unverhofften Einlagen ausmachen… …

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Doppelmayr- Garaventa Saison

07-01-2015 Das “Schnee” Thema ist momentan besser zu vermeiden, zumindest in Tirol. Nur wenige Orte können sich glücklich zählen, genug von dem weißen Gold zu haben. Die derzeitigen Arbeiten an den Doppelmayr Liftanlagen sehen nicht überall so winterlich aus wie am Hintertuxer Gletscher. If you want to be on the safe side of things, do NOT talk about …

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